Desk Setup Me using it


Apple Macbook Pro#

  • Apple M1 Pro
  • 32GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD

27" LG 27MP400 Monitor#

The cheapest 27" I can get at local store.

Endesk Max Sit/Stand Desk#


I bought this desk after having a back pain frequently after sat down for a long time. Good value purchase.

Urevo Walk Pad#

I exercise a lot with this! Totally worth the price. If I were to buy a new walk pad I’d buy the foldable one as it’s easier to handle in logistic.

IKEA Markus Office Chair#

A so-so office chair. Tbh, I’m planning to get a new ergonomic chair, Steelcase Leap or Herman Miller Aeron soon.

Oneplus Budz Earbud#

A convenient earbud with decent quality at cheap price.

Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse#

I bought this mouse after having wrist pain using small mouse. This is a pain reliever.

HyperX Solocast#

A decent microphone for me to attend meetings.

Fantech Headset#

It’s a gift from my colleagues at Onapp. Really appreciate it :)


MacOSX 12.4#

Visual Code IDE#


This is my go-to app for drawing an illustration. It helps me to throw out my imagination into a sketch. The people I worked with always love me giving light presentations using Excalidraw!

Utilities app#

  • goto - easily jump between directories in your terminal
  • pet - save the frequently used commands
  • grammarly - correct my grammar mistakes and make me sound smart ;)
  • vim - online for small script editing and while ssh-ing in server
  • bitwarden - open source password management
  • rclone - manage my backups and remote storages
  • hey - load testing tool