Hi! I’m Fadhil Yaacob (pronounce Fa-dale), a software engineer at OnApp in Kuala Lumpur. I have been writing Python professionally for 2 years.

Year pre-2018 - University year#

University Malaya

I graduated in year 2018 from University of Malaya in Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Management Information System. This was where I learned Data Structures (in Java), Web Programming, Security, etc. I graduated with CGPA 3.56 out of 4.00. During my final year at the university, I have collaborated with Malaysia Airlines to develop a document archiving system for my dissertation together with 4 other developers in the team. The system is hosted in IBM Cloud and uses Object Storage, Cloud Foundry and Cloudant NoSQL database.

The system was intended to improve the productivity and efficiency of their workflow in general. However, we are not able to deliver the end product to the organization because of time constraint.

Now - Software Engineer at OnApp#


Fast forward, after 2 years of working at Onapp, I have now developed a deep interest in DevOps technology. My daily routine is writing Python, Java and Lua code that powers our CDN service. Overall, I am pretty happy working here with supportive colleagues and mentors. I am challenged at work everyday, and that what excites me :D